Luke Strawser, the featured teacher for the December Spotlight, was nominated by several teachers in the Alliance who participated with him at a Multi-Alliance Geography Leadership Conference this summer at the University of North Alabama. They were impressed with Luke’s passion for teaching geography and his advocacy for the discipline.

Luke is in his second year of teaching 7th grade World Geography at Mount Union Area Junior High School in Mount Union, PA. In addition to teaching, Luke serves as an assistant track coach for Mount Union Area High School and is a Team Leader for the 7th grade. This year, Luke is coordinating his school’s first National Geographic GeoBee, and he is currently piloting the development of an AP Human Geography course to be taught in his district next year. Luke’s mission as a teacher is to help his students grow into culturally competent, curious, critical thinking citizens of the 21st century world.

Outside of school, Luke enjoys spending time with his family, bicycling, playing tennis, reading, playing drums, and outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.




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