Congratulations to Red Mill Elementary teacher, Nicole Ross, for being selected as the June Teacher Spotlight. She was nominated by the alliance coordinator for her active learning style as she engages her students to learn about the world through a geographic lens. The Alliance celebrated Earth Day with Nicole and her class by BioBlitzing, and great fun was had by all.

Nicole Ross teaches Emotional Support K-3 students at Red Mill Elementary in Etters, PA. Prior to teaching at the elementary level, she taught Emotional Support and Alternative Education for seven years at the middle school level.  Additionally, she served as an Academic Bowl advisor, as well as the Year Book Advisor.

In teaching her students, Nicole ties lessons into how her students and their communities are effected by events all over the world.  “I think it is important for my students to understand that what they do impacts everyone around them. I want them to take away that they need to be good Global Citizens as well as being good people in their communities.”

Outside of school, Nicole enjoys photography, fishing and golfing with her husband, and hanging out with her dog, Gracie.




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