Each quarter (March, June, September, and December), an educator is selected to be in the “Teacher Spotlight.” The PA Alliance believes that exceptional geography teaching across the state at all levels supports our mission of fostering geographic literacy and spatial thinking in classrooms, as well as in other educational settings across Pennsylvania.  The Teacher Spotlight is one way the PA Alliance wishes to recognize extraordinary efforts to promote geoliteracy.

To be considered, teachers need to integrate geography into their teaching…but need not be known as a geography teacher!  (For example, teachers of science, elementary levels, modern languages, language arts, mathematics, art and music all can focus on themes and regions of geography.) Additionally, the PA Alliance encourages teachers who use a variety of  geographic tools and technology and who have  inspired their students to learn more about the world in which they live to consider applying for this recognition.  Each teacher selected will receive a PA Alliance Teacher Spotlight Certificate.

To submit recommendations for future teacher spotlights, please fill out and submit the form below.

Recommend A Teacher Spotlight

Jun 08 | Nicole Ross

Dec 01 | Luke Strawser

Sep 22 | Nicole Meckes

Jun 01 | Mary Jo Pronio

Mar 31 | Joe Bartley

Nov 13 | Daniel Holler

Sep 03 | Toni Martindell

Jun 02 | Cindy Diffendall

May 01 | Matthew Smith

Mar 09 | Justin Neideigh

Feb 04 | David Fyfe

Dec 03 | Lisa Draper

Nov 06 | Nicole Ernst

Oct 01 | Kristy Snider

Sep 03 | Sara Jones

Jun 03 | Jerome Staniszewski



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