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Thank you for visiting the Giant Map of PA page.  We are excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to engage students of all ages on a giant map of our great state!  You will find the request form and our policy for borrowing our maps below.

Which Map to Borrow?
The Alliance currently has two different maps.  Both maps are great learning tools, but one map may suit your needs better than the other.  Click on the images below to see each map in greater detail. Here are the differences:

Original Giant Map of PA                                                           

  • 30′ x 20′ size
  • depicts elevation by color
  • has county boundaries
  • denotes top 25 cities by population and county seats


National Geographic Initiative Map

  • 22′ x 14′ size
  • locator grid for plotting coordinates
  • colored corner spots for game play


Policy for Use of the Giant Maps:
There are four Original Giant Maps of Pennsylvania which travel around the state.  Additionally, one is permanently housed at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg and is available to groups visiting the museum.  Call the State Museum (717-787-4980) to learn more about experiencing the Giant Map of PA in Harrisburg.  We currently only have one National Geographic Initiative Map, and it is available to borrow from our office at Shippensburg University.

Three of the other Original Giant Maps are housed in various parts of the state (Titusville, California, and Shippensburg).  The final map is considered a rover…this map will be kept by an Alliance member to use and to loan out in their region of the state as long as there is interest or until another Alliance member would like to take the roving map to a different part of the state.

The Original Giant Map and the National Geographic Initiative Map of Pennsylvania are FREE to borrow to all non-profit organizations.  This includes but is not limited to school groups, community organizations, museums, and libraries.  The individual borrowing the map is responsible for both picking up and returning the map to its home base.  The Original Giant Map is folded and rolled and measures 12 inches in diameter and ten feet in length.  (It will fit in a family sized minivan and snuggly in most SUVs.)  The size of the map on the floor is 20 feet (North/South) by 30 feet (East/West).  The National Geographic Initiative Map can be folded and placed inside the activity trunk.

The person who requests either the Original Giant Map or the National Geographic Initiative Map is responsible for picking it up and returning it to the same location, clean, and properly packed. (Instructions are provided.)

To request the Original Giant Map or the National Geographic Initiative Map of PA, simply fill out the form below and click on the submit button.  You will hear from the PA Alliance within 3 business days.

Note:  The PA Alliance gratefully accepts donations to support the Giant Map of PA project.  Checks can be made out to the PA Alliance for Geographic Education and sent to the attention of:
Dr. Janet S. Smith
Department of Geography-Earth Science
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA 17257.

The Giant Map of PA is to be returned to its original pick-­‐up location by the last day of the reservation period.

  • Note: The Giant Map of PA is to be returned to its original pick-­‐up location by the last day of the reservation period.
    There are two different maps available to borrow. The Giant Map features: 30' x 20' size, county borders and county seats, rivers, elevation, and top 25 cities by population. The National Geographic Map features 22' x 14' size, locator grid marks for plotting coordinates, colored corner spots for easy game play, cities, and rivers. Both maps come with a trunk of activities that cover a wide range of subjects.
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