Winners Announced in 2017 Geography Awareness Week Postcard Contest!

November 10, 2017

Winners Announced in 2017 Geography Awareness Postcard Contest

This year’s Geography Awareness Week theme was “The Geography of Civil Rights Movements.” We had over 600 entries from schools all across Pennsylvania. First place winners will receive a $50 Visa gift card. Second, Third and Honorable Mentions all receive awards as well. Below are the winners and Honorable Mentions in each category. Look carefully at each entry – it is obvious that they took time to learn about many different civil rights issues around the world. Well done!


9th – 12th Grade

Esha Vaidya First 9-12

First Place – Esha Vaidya,  North Allegheny Intermediate HS

Grace Waldee Second 9-12

Second Place – Grace Waldee, North Allegheny Intermediate HS

Katherine Gao Third 9-12

Third Place – Katherine Gao, North Allegheny Intermediate HS

Brigitte Kossuth HM 9-12

Honorable Mention – Brigitte Kossuth, North Allegheny Intermediate HS


 Elvis Morara HM 9-12

Honorable Mention – Elvis Morara, Manheim Township High School

 Nicole McGao HM 9-12

Honorable Mention – Nicole McGao, North Allegheny Intermediate HS

 Alexey Altman HM 9-12

Honorable Mention – Alexey Altman, North Allegheny Intermediate HS

6th – 8th Grade

Claire Petri First 6-8

First Place – Claire Petri, Southern Lehigh Middle School


Mia Damico Second 6-8

Second Place – Mia Damico, Woodland Hills Academy


Amanda Ramirez Third 6-8

Third Place – Amanda Ramirez, Freeland Elementary Middle School


Abigail King HM 6-8

Honorable Mention – Abigail King, Southern Lehigh Middle School


     Lauren Woods HM 6-8

Honorable Mention – Lauren Woods, Southern Lehigh Middle School


Presley Harman HM 6-8

Honorable Mention – Presley Harman, Freeland Elementary Middle School


Helena Marshall HM 6-8

Honorable Mention – Helena Marshall, Woodland Hills Academy


Maxwell Onder HM 6-8

Honorable Mention – Maxwell Onder, Woodland Hills Academy




3rd – 5th Grade

Christopher Everhart First 3-5

First Place – Christopher Everhart, East Union Intermediate Center


Ryan Bogacz Second 3-5

Second Place – Ryan Bogacz, East Union Intermediate Center


Lena Laubscher Third 3-5

Third Place – Lena Laubscher, Woodland Hills Academy


Mackenna Matthews HM 3-5

Honorable Mention – Mackenna Matthews, Woodland Hills Academy


Declan Mass HM 3-5

Honorable Mention – Declan Mass, East Union Intermediate Center


Noah Channel HM 3-5

Honorable Mention – Noah Channel, East Union Intermediate Center


Carmella DeVore HM 3-5

Honorable Mention – Carmella DeVore, Woodland Hills Academy


Logan Summers HM 3-5

Honorable Mention – Logan Summers, Woodland Hills Academy




K – 2nd Grade

Levi Drake First K-2

First Place – Levi Drake, Woodland Hills Academy


Chloe Menalic Second K-2

Second Place – Chloe Mehalic, Woodland Hills Academy


Luke DeVore Third K-2

Third Place – Luke DeVore, Woodland Hills Academy


Evelyn Lehman HM K-2

Honorable Mention – Evelyn Lehman, Burgettstown Area Elementary Center



Brionna Rouch HM K-2 

Honorable Mention – Brionna Roach, Burgettstown Area Elementary Center


  Willis Price-Wheeler HM K-2

Honorable Mention – Willis Price-Wheeler, Woodland Hills Academy